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Gokak Mills can justifiably take pride in achieving the highest standards in the land in the following

Cotton Specialization:
Very careful attention is given to cotton selection. The minutest characteristics of the fiber are checked and tested and the yearly purchase of 185,000 bales fully monitored before consumption. (Representing the produce of some 250,000 acres of farmland.)

360 days - 24 hrs per day
The manufacturing capacity of the Mills extend to 30000 tons of yarn in a 3 shift per day, 24 hours a day, 360 days per year operation. To meet the needs of both standard as well as special products.

Inspiring Entrepreneurship
Assurance and supplying consistent high quality yarn has engendered a special faith among yarn users, boosting their efforts and interest in the development of new products and inspiring a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Working with the Best
Gokak has worked closely over the years with the best textile companies of the world. This interaction has helped us in understanding the critical components as required in the yarn to give optimum results.
This experience has been documented into processes that are offered to you.