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"Global cooling" A unique afforestation effort by the mills on rocky terrain led to the planting of 2 million trees. This helped improve the surrounding temperature / rainfall and a better quality of air to breathe. This "man made jungle" has helped get many laurels for the company over the years.

"Waste management"- A sophisticated effluent treatment plant processes nearly 3 million lts. of waste water which is than used for watering the a forestation programme.

A 1.2 million lts. sullage treatment plant helps in supplying treated water for the farming in the neighborhood.

"Renewable energy" A culture of using water energy was started way back in 1887 - when the first of its kind hydro power plant was set up on the banks of the Gokak Falls. Today Gokak generates 6.3 MW of power by using this environment friendly source of energy to meet most of its energy requirements.